Alternate Filter Widget

Note thatFields in this section are similar to the Filter=>Alternate Filter Widget tab, so follow it for documentation and video documentation.

Introduction #

How does it work?  #

Alternate Filter Widgets tab contains UI/UX widgets {Learn More} options to change the look and feel of the webpage. Just simply choose one of the layouts available for both categories and it will render that chosen one.

Widget  #

Simply choose one of the layout options given in this field and hit save, and you will be able to see the newly applied widget on the frontend. We hope you like one of them and it helps you match it with your theme layout.

Additional CSS  #

The CSS that you put here will be applied to the container of the filter section on your website. So, you can add any custom CSS or CSS override here for filter widget UI.

Alternate Mobile Filter Widget #

If you enable this field then it will enable an alternate filter view for mobile on the front-end.

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