Specification View For Item Page

Specification View Configuration  #

Whenever user requirement of showing additional meta, slick, or any sort of specific advance table format then specification view can help to view. Additional information on the WooCommerce item page.

Shortcode Status #

If you enable this field then it will allow the shortcode feature of specification view on the product page. Use [woo-bundle-choice-specification-view] as Shortcode. By default, the specification is displayed at the place of the additional information tab on the WooCommerce product page.

At Default Position – Item/Product Page  #

If you enable this field then it will allow a shortcode feature of specification view at specification section on the product page.

Alternate Widgets #

Simply choose one of the layout options given in this field and hit save, and you will be able to see the newly applied widget on the front-end{Learn more}.

Additional Meta  #

You can use this field to select the meta field, which you want to displayed additionally, on the WooCommerce item page where product details are displayed in the specification field.

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