Installation #

First, install the Woo Choice Plugin, by the following instructions on the installation guide here.

During installation, you will see Setup Wizard, which is divided into three steps that are:

  1. Inventory
  2. Features
  3. Sample Data or Add Real Data

1. Inventory #

If you intend to use the Ring builder feature or any Diamond/Jewelry website-related features then select the option Jewelry. And, if you want to use the pair maker then select Clothing otherwise, select Others.

2. Features #

In the Inventory, if you selected Jewelry then here, you need to enable the Ring Builder and Filters for Shop/Category Page.

Otherwise, if you selected other inventory then you would like to enable features accordingly.

3.1 Sample Data #

Add Ring Builder sample data and for the Shop/Category, note that we do not have Shop/Category sample data available. But adding Ring Builder sample data will do the trick to set up Shop/Category filter sample data easily.

If you don’t want to add sample data, you can skip and finish the step and manually add data on your own.

Note: Later on, you can remove this sample data from a particular Woo Commerce module page(like the products, categories, and attributes,.etc). However, we acknowledge that it’s not very user-friendly and we are working on providing you to remove all the sample data at once by clicking simply on the button in Woo Choice Plugin admin panel. Right now this option is not available but we are planning to make it available soon in our upcoming updates.

Adding sample data is not necessary but it is recommended way to configure the plugin quickly. Especially, you can use sample data and its configuration as a boilerplate template to implement plugins with your real data quickly by replacing sample data and modifying the configuration.

For detailed documentation, please refer to Sample data documentation.

3.2 Adding Real Data  #

Lastly, to add your real data, you can simply follow sample data and keep replacing them. Similarly, you can use the configuration of sample data but at someplace if you want to modify configuration then you can simply modify them by following docs of our particular modules that you want to modify particular features.

And, you can modify the categories and attributes data in the particular WooCommerce modules.

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