What the plugin does?

This Extension by Sphere Plugins helps users find their actual ring size. There are multiple options users can choose from to find their ring size with easy-to-use and understand ring size charts, tables, and guides.

Finding the perfect fitting accessories or clothes online has always been an issue for consumers. We’ve created this Ring Sizer tool by keeping the same problem in mind, and we’re glad that we’ve solved the problem to some extent.

Want to know more? Let’s understand how this extension works and how ring sizes are measured.

Key Points

  •  What Is the “Find My Ring Size” Extension? How Does It Work?
  •  Let The User Decide How They Want To Find Their Ring Size.
  •  Add your own custom ring size measurement unit.


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1 year of updates and support
30-day money back guarantee
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What Is the “Find My Ring Size” Extension? How Does It Work?

➢ The name speaks for itself. “Find My Ring Size” is an extension that helps users find their ring size. Now, let’s understand how it works.

➢ Adding this extension to your jewelry website enables an extra “Find My Ring Size” tab on your item page. It’s an option for those users, who may not know their actual ring size or are not sure about it.

➢ After clicking on the “Find My Ring Size” tab, they can see multiple options and measurements for ring sizes. 1) Use a ring that fits 2) convert from other units 3) Measure my finger & 4) Request a free ring Sizer.
These are the four options consumers get to measure their ring size which we will discuss and understand in detail in the next section.

Let The User Decide How They Want To Find Their Ring Size

➢ Finding the ring size is a process that can be done in multiple ways. You never know what a customer has what information and this is where this extension makes the difference.

➢ It offers four options (ring size guide), so whatever information your user comes up with will ensure they get the same result. Let’s understand these ring size guides and how ring sizes are measured using them.

1. Use a ring that fits

➢ This option lets users find their ring size using the existing ring that fits them perfectly. This particular option enables a ring size tool that can measure ring size when you place a ring that fits on the screen and makes adjustments.

➢ The only setback with this option is, you must have an existing ring that actually fits you perfectly.

2. Covert from other units

➢ In some cases, users may have their ring size, but not in the unit you measure rings. Different size measurements that come default include American, Canadian, British, Australian, and German. And you can also add your custom ring size measurements if your website is targeting some specific region of the world, for example, Spain has their specific ring size measurement standards. Measuring rings using inside circumference are also a widely used ring measure.

➢ Consumers can select various ring size charts and convert their ring size these units. These ring size charts include widely used measurements for ring sizes, and there is no way this can’t help someone with a size measurement.

➢ The only setback here is, you must have your ring size, at least in any one unit.

3. Measure my finger

In this option, users can figure out how ring sizes are measured using a common thread or ribbon.

➢ Not just that, you will find a thorough guide for ring size measurement. So, even if you don’t have a ring that fits or an actual ring size in any format, “Measure My Finger” has got you covered.

4. Request a free ring Sizer

Anyone can measure their ring sizes using the first three options, but if nothing works out, then your user can always request a free ring Sizer using this option.

Just fill in the details and wait for the free ring Sizer.




This extension is licensed for one domain only which means you can use this extension on only one website no matter if it is under a subdomain or top-level domain.

The free support is for 12 months from the date of purchase.



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