About Us

Sphere Plugins is a small team web development folks who take pride in what they build. We develop reliable, professional, high quality plugins for a wide range of customers all over the world. And, Diamond/Jewelry web solution is our forte.

Who we are

At Sphere Plugins, we aim to build some of the most comprehensive web plugins which provide the solution to complex and untapped problems.

We have always focused on programming custom systems and UI/UX development solutions, and we used to code a lot back in 2015. So, it came to us as an idea to put our code ideas and efforts toward dealing with some specific problems in the form of plugins to serve broad communities of CMS developers and MVC framework developers.

We launched the Woo Choice Plugin, Ring Builder, Pair Maker, and a lot of other plugins and extensions during 2019-20 and extended our feature line. In late 2020, we came across some UI/UX issues in the industry, so we’ve been working on creating a strong UI/UX for users since then.

This isn’t the end; we still have a lot of other things to pursue and achieve, but our passion for web development and this industry kept helping us push our boundaries.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about us.


Years of Experience

Awards & Honors

Our History

Sphere Plugins was founded in 2018, but its roots can be traced to 2013. It all started with a Diamond/Jewelry web development project with complex requirements on a competitive budget. Even though we successfully delivered the product, long hours of code and little to no resources in the market made us doubt the web development process back then. 

And, the fire was lit to create Sphere Plugins.


Launch of Woo Choice Plugin & More

We launched the Woo Choice Plugin, Ring Builder, Pair Maker, and a lot of other plugins and extensions during 2019-20 and extended our feature line.


Launch of Sphere Plugins

Long hours of code kept following us in our Mission. So, we came up with the idea to build plugins to deal with specific problems. We launched Sphere Plugins in 2018.


Competitive web development solutions

As we followed the mission to offer competitive web solutions, we helped several Diamond/Jewelry business owners get their businesses up and running.


A Demanding Project

This project with larger diamond inventories and specific functionalities drove our focus on some of the yet untapped problems. 

Why Choose Us?​​

As a team of passion driven individuals, we find ways to come up with a solution. And that’s what make us a better choice.


We figured that there are some problems, unaddressed.


Like most of us, we have been driven by passion.

Profound Solutions

Problems can be solved gracefully using promising architectures.

Our Mission

We aim to solve all the untapped problems in the diamond/jewelry industry using promising architectures.

Our Vision

A world where diamond/jewelry web development is easier, reliable, and affordable.


● Innovation
● Passion
● Selflessness
● Integrity
● Trust
● Result-orientation

Our services

Our customers made us who we are. Here’s an overview of our services; see what we can help you with.

Ring Builder

Personalize shopping experience with our Free Ring Builder.

Woo Choice Plugin

Woo Choice Plugin and its extended features to support competitive web solutions.

Diamond API Integration

Diamond API Integration powered with global jewelry trading network.

Pair Maker

Increase user retention and maximize sales with our Free Pair Maker.

Jewelry website design

Smart UI/UX for elegant & beautiful web designs.

Variation Swatches

Create Interactive user experience with our Images/Videos gallery Variation Swatches.


Do you have any concerns regarding Woo Choice Plugin? Do check out the FAQs listed down below. If your questions are not listed then please visit FAQs page or feel free to Contact Us.

Yes, our all plugins and extensions are compatible with all themes but still, if you face any issue then you can report a bug here.

Yes, we support language with WPML. If you are using any other plugins for multiple languages then rest assure that will also be supported. And if you have any questions then you can discuss them with us on the contact page.

Yes, you can use the free plugin (Woo Choice Plugin) on multiple websites. But for extensions, you will need to purchase additional licenses for the additional sites. And, Our theme is compatible with WordPress, WooCommerce plugins.

You will continue to get free support for our Woo Choice Plugin features. And, for the premium extensions(features), you will get 1 year of support. After 1 year if you want our support or want to upgrade your extension with our update us then you will need to renew licenses of particular extensions(features) and renewal charges will be between 10-22% of the actual cost of that particular extension. Also, note that it is not always necessary to renew support, you can still use our extensions and it will continue to run but if you need updates and support from us then you will need to renew it.

Is there anything we can help you with?

We're a creative agency. Ask us anything. Being small we can go into details.

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