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Earring and Pendant etc. Builder

Earring and Pendant etc. Builder


Earring and Pendant builder are important features for your website just like Ring Builder. This feature provides all the essential configurations to build a customizable earring and pendant builder page. Similar to ring builder, earring and pendant builder also comes with customizable and advanced filters.

This extension is licensed for one domain only which means you can use this extension on only one website no matter if it is under a subdomain or top-level domain.


Earring and Pendant Builder is an advanced feature extension. This extension works similarly to ring builder. Like, the ring builder provides features to build customized ring as per user selection similarly this extension have features for earrings and pendants.

Earring and pendant builder is a necessary tool that gives you the ability to provide the complete set of features in your website. Just like Ring Builder, this extension provides advanced and customizable filters for earrings and pendants. This extension allows the configuration of creating filters for earrings and pendants builders for your website.

Configuration for earring and pendant builder is easy. Follow the same steps as you would for ring builder configuration. The only difference is to select the option of earring or pendant builder on the builder type field.

Just like customers using ring builder to choose diamond for the quality requirement and budget they have, similarly, for earrings and pendants they also wish to do that. While buying some don’t know that every diamond of different size and shapes needs a different manufacturing specification of earrings and pendants. So, this extension helps customers in buying their products with the perfect experience.

This extension provides Earring and Pendant builder feature while Woo Choice Plugin provides all the necessities for Customization. It helps to make customizable earrings and a pendant builder process pages with advanced filters (including the shortcodes). This filter has an ajax search. This plugin provides different types of alternate UI/UX widgets and almost all input elements for the earring and pendant builder. And, also for any diamond search page, this plugin provides alternate UI/UX widgets and input elements.


As shown in the image below, You can create UI/UX widgets for Earring and Pendant Builder or you can apply different UI/UX widgets. And, instead of using button widgets, you can simply use links to set it.

Click on Start with Diamond then it will go to the building process. The first step of the building process is to select a diamond from the search page.

Select the diamond. Apply customization on selected Diamond with input elements as shown in the below image. Here, we have applied customization for the heart diamond shape. After Filteration, you can see as in the below image, the result will be shown in the table that only 4 diamonds available in that range. If you also want a table view for your filter output then you will need paid extension costing $20.00.

The next step is to Choose Earrings available for Heart shape diamonds.

Select earring and continue.

And lastly, you need to go for check out.

All the images shown above are for the earrings process and diamond page. Similarly, you can create the process for Pendant. All the customizable filters and widgets are created by Woo choice Plugin(Free Plugin). And, selecting process and table output are created by Earring and Pendant Builder, and WooCommerce Product Bundle Table View (these 2 extensions are paid).


  1. Earring and pendant builder features are vital providing complete features set on your website. 
  2. Filters in earring and pendant builder are customizable and advance just like ring builder
  3. Configurations are also similar to ring builder,
  4. Everything is similar to the ring builder, so you don’t need to learn about new things or go through the full documentation process.

How to Get Started

To use this extension, first, you need to install Woo Choice Plugin. To install Woo Choice Plugin,  follow the instructions on WordPress.

Woo Choice Plugin is becoming one of the best WooCommerce product filter plugins, day by day, adding new features, improvements, and optimizations. This plugin supports Ajax filters, customizations, and any kind of advanced search filters. The filters come with this plugin, which supports customization, styling. You can use any widgets like icons, Sliders, Buttons, Checkboxes, Dropdowns, Icon, Radio Buttons, Switch Buttons, or multi-selects.

Manually install an extension without FTP,

Download the Earrings and Pendant builder from the sphere site after purchase 

  1. Go to your website: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugin > Upload zip file
  2. Click Install
  3. Then Activate

Manually install extension with FTP,

  1. Go to Shere Plugins website>Download zip files.
  2. Extract and move folder >  “wp-content/plugins/” directory of your WordPress installation, e.g. via FTP.
  3. And ready to use.


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