SPHERE PLUGINS Diamond Explainer Widgets

What the plugin does?

Sphere Plugin’s Diamond Explainer Widget is a handy tool for diamond/jewelry websites that helps users easily understand complex diamond properties through understandable visuals. The extension is well crafted around the 4 C’s Diamond chart and other diamond properties. 

The primary and revolutionary Use Case of this extension is to create a strong user experience ground on your website, so your user won’t go empty-handed.

Key Points

  • Adapt the “Teach, Don’t Sell” Approach. Get Diamond Explainer Widget.
  • How Does the Diamond Explainer Widget Work?
  • Customizable Admin Panel & Easy Initial Customizations.


Billed Annually

1 year of updates and support
30-day money back guarantee
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Adapt the “Teach, Don’t Sell” Approach. Get Diamond Explainer Widget.

➢ “A Good Salesman Makes A Customer, Not A Sale.” Online selling may not be the same as traditional salesmanship, but be it anything, the user experience will always be the foremost.
➢ Diamond Explainer Widget Extension is all about providing a great user experience by introducing your users to the 4 C’s Diamond Chart and educating them about the same.
➢ Diamond’s quality and price depend on the 4 C’s Diamond Chart that includes Clarity, Color, Carat, and Cut. Unlike GIA Reports, various tabs of this extension help users easily understand these diamond properties and help them make better decisions.
➢ A normal user doesn’t understand the GIAReportcheck, they need a simple explanation. So, If you believe in the “Teach, Don’t Sell” Approach and want to create a strong user experience ground, this extension is for you.


How Does the Diamond Explainer Widget Work?

➢ Now, you have a brief idea of what this extension does, so let’s understand how it works. This Extension acts as a Diamond Quality Guide/ Diamond Buying Guide for users.
➢ Various tabs of this extension show different visuals for Color, Clarity, Carat, Cut, & Size. This helps users understand the diamond properties well and makes them confident about the purchase.
➢ Explaining complex diamond properties to a new diamond user may feel tough at first, but these handy visuals make it easier to understand, even for a 10-year-old.
For Example: Check out this snap of a Diamond Size Chart, it shows a measurement bar of a diamond starting from 1 CT to 12 CT along with a picture of the liberty coin (30.61 mm). Comparing a diamond with a day-to-day object (the coin) makes it easier for users to understand the diamond property.

Customizable Admin Panel & Easy Initial Customizations

➢ It goes without saying, this Diamond Buying Guide (Diamond Explainer Widget) for your users comes with a super strong and customizable Admin panel.
➢ Though the back-end is customizable, there is no major customization required while setting up the extension. Just basic initial customizations and you’re good to go.
➢ When we commit a Super-Strong back-end, we mean a power-packed back-end that even can manage larger diamond inventories of 50k or even more diamonds.
➢ The extension is tested on over 200 different devices and browsers, so there is no seeing back when discussing the seamlessness and responsiveness of the tool.

So, the next time a user visits your site looking for a diamond, don’t make them feel they’re doing a GIA report check while reading diamond specifications. Get a better solution. Get the Diamond Explainer Widget.



This extension is licensed for one domain only which means you can use this extension on only one website no matter if it is under a subdomain or top-level domain.

The free support is for 12 months from the date of purchase.



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