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Getting started? We've gathered a list of the most common questions encountered by our users.

Yes, our all plugins and extensions are compatible with all themes but still, if you face any issue then you can report a bug here.

Yes, we support language with WPML. If you are using any other plugins for multiple languages then rest assure that will also be supported. And if you have any questions then you can discuss them with us on the contact page.

Yes, you can use the free plugin (Woo Choice Plugin) on multiple websites. But for extensions, you will need to purchase additional licenses for the additional sites. And, Our theme is compatible with WordPress, WooCommerce plugins.

You will continue to get free support for our Woo Choice Plugin features. And, for the premium extensions(features), you will get 1 year of support. After 1 year if you want our support or want to upgrade your extension with our update us then you will need to renew licenses of particular extensions(features) and renewal charges will be between 10-22% of the actual cost of that particular extension. Also, note that it is not always necessary to renew support, you can still use our extensions and it will continue to run but if you need updates and support from us then you will need to renew it.

Yes, our support team will thoroughly guide you and send you training videos as well our support will guide you on configuration on the admin panel. And, if you prefer so then our support team also manages setup and installation for your site, once you provide us Wp-admin access.

Reasons to choose us are:

1. We provide all key and advanced functionalities for Jewellery and Diamond website development.

2. All our extensions (functionalities) are customizable.

3. Compared to the market, our prices are cost-effective and you will definitely find it lower than the market, but that doesn’t mean quality is compromised, you can check out the quality and other standards here.

4. Our vision is to serve technologies. 

5. Quality and stability of our plugin and extensions that is what we like.

6. We strive for client satisfaction.

Yes, the website will support multiple Diamond APIs. All you need to do is purchase and install our Diamond API integrate- WooCommerce extension

Then you can use all the popular APIs:
Rapnet Instant Inventory API, IDEX (International Diamond Exchange API), MID House of Diamonds API, POLYGON Virtual Inventory API, GEMFIND Diamond Link API, VDB (Virtual Diamond Boutique API), JewelCloud API, Nivoda. Custom CSV from FTP, Custom CSV from FTP – 2.

-> Also, other direct providers (which comes with no extra cost):
Glow Star Diamond API, JB Diamond API, SRK Diamond API, DharamHK.

->And the list goes on for the APIs
Sagar Enterprise, SunGems, Lab Diamonds.

-> As well as you can send a request to add API, which is not in our supported list and we will add support for it within 2-5 working days. 

Our developer team will take care of implementing and customizing features and as well as take care of your theme requirements. We have experienced teams, who will after all your requirements related to the features and ensure that you get a perfect finish. But, if you wanted to do it from your side then our team can guide you through every process.

When we envisioned to design and develop our own themes the reason was clear, we want to provide our users a perfect theme for Jewellery and Diamond website that can help them achieve a website, that is actually looking at the level of top popular Jewellery and Diamond site and is actually perfect and elegant. And, to achieve that we have tested the stability of our theme(and not only that also our plugin and extensions) tested in around 100-200 devices, of different OS, Screen Sizes, Browsers, devices types ( like Desktop/Laptop, mobiles, and tablets).

-> One of the key benefits of using our theme is a dedicated mobile site which is a must, especially when most of your users will get a first impression of your site on mobile. And so we provide a perfect experience for mobile and tablet devices and consider our theme as mobile-first. 

-> You can visit the link on the top right side of the header that says “Contact Support” or you can simply contact us. You can also contact us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

-> Our support team is available between 10 am to 11 pm (IST), talk with us, we provide easy options like Chat( for the chat we provide options of Whatsapp and Skype-based supports), Phone calls, and Email. You can also send us your message on our Facebook and Twitter pages and then we will create the ticket.

Not an issue. You can get that under our plans. All you need to do is find a WooCommerce theme(or you can use our theme also) and ensure that you have a logo for your brand as we do not provide services related to the logo. If you have questions please feel free to visit us on the contact page.

-> Definitely yes, our plugins seamlessly work with Elementor, WPML, Currency switcher, and so on such plugins. And, it definitely works with all other WordPress/WooCommerce plugins and we vow to support all the plugins that are following WordPress plugin development standards. If you come across any issues be sure to write to our support.

-> For all those who have a certain kind of requirement then they can contact us and tell us their requirements and we cover all such requests under over customization support, so rest assured that all the customization requests will be a cover-up. As well as even if you feel that your requirements for features are different or Alien to the plugin or feature we offer, still, in that case, you can discuss your requirements with us and we will look into it and check if we can add features on plugin or extensions.

-> You can use our 360 video extensions and if you don’t have a 360 hosting setup and if you have only mp4 videos then, in that case, you might be interested in our 360 hosting-related services. For 360 hosting, you can discuss it with us on the contact page.

-> Yes, our support team will thoroughly guide you and send you training videos as well our support will guide you on configuration on the admin panel and ensure a perfect, neat, and clean Front-end look. And, if you prefer so then our support team also manages setup and installation for your site, once you provide us Wp-admin access.

-> We normally take 20-30 days to complete the setup of the website, that is using all the extensions(features) and functionalities.

-> Compatibility with all themes is nearly impossible because they are too many, but generally, if themes are developed according to WordPress and WooCommerce guidelines, our plugin is compatible with them. And even if themes are not developed according to WordPress and WooCommerce guidelines, our plugin is compatible with them in most cases, we are striving hard to ensure the adaptability of all themes including themes that are not following WordPress and Woocommerce theme development guidelines. If you ever face any issue in theme adaption then please write to us on the contact page.

-> You can go through our beta documentation here and to be sure to provide your value feedback.

-> Yes, Woo Choice Plugin is free and it will be required always to run any of our extensions.

-> Normally we recommend that users manage banners, logos, and other graphics, as well as text content on their own, but if users insist then we can help with the banner, etc, graphics but the logo and text contents, still need to be managed by users.

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