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Woo Choice Plugin

360/3d videos($66)

This extension will help embed 360° video of diamond into website category page and item page.

Woo Choice Plugin

Metal color images($46)

Help users see item images in different colors as they switch the color on category and item pages.

Woo Choice Plugin

Find my ring size($99)

This extension will provide detailed help and demonstration to users about how to figure out what their ring size is.

Woo Choice Plugin

Virtual try-on($149)

This extension will help embed 360° video of diamond into website category page and item page.

Woo Choice Plugin

Earring, Pendant builder($32)

You can have earrings/necklace builders as well together with the ring builder. So all in all this plugin is an ultimate virtual jewelry design plugin.

Woo Choice Plugin

View with shape($76)

Avail to your users a feature for viewing rings with different diamond shapes.

Woo Choice Plugin

Diamond Charts($66)

Show an option on the diamond page to demonstrate diamond parameters like Table, Girdle, Depth, Culet, Width, Length etc.

Woo Choice Plugin

Explainer widgets($89)

Diamond Explainer Widget extension helps customers to understand diamond information and properties easily which would be otherwise not so easy for end-users to understand.

Woo Choice Plugin

Engrave Ring($44)

Feature that allows writing text on the ring and helps users to inscript their desire on the ring.

Woo Choice Plugin

Diamond TableView($20)

Let customers browse your inventory in a tabular view, which is a handy tool for the diamond industry.

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Build the taste of Diamond and Jewellery website?

We Design and Develop the best for the Diamond and Jewellery website.

We strive to design and develop the best for the Diamond and Jewellery Industry. Theme that we design, Feature that we develop, and Website that we build, all of these are aimed to achieve a competent and quality user experience that is actually ready to do business.

Because we provide extraordinary tools for deploying features, that matters.

Unlike other categories, the Jewellery and Diamond category websites do have many features and functionalities that are unique to this category only and are something that becomes challenging to get right, we made sure that we provide every feature and functionalities in our broad list of tools. And here it is critical to note that, we pay due attention to every detail to ensure that our users get efficient and scalable functionalities.

By providing perfect Quality.

We aim to build some of the most competitive websites. We not only build the website, but we also build the trust. Our testing team never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure perfection and stability of features and flows and make sure every detail is perfect. So, you get stable & reliable solutions and you can focus more on growing your business rather than involving with bugs.

We are an experienced Team

Jewellery and Diamond Inventory is not always easy to manage and, we exactly know the characteristics and problems that it can have. More than 7+ years of experience, we gain for Diamond and Jewellery website, implied in developing strong and efficient backend, advanced & customizable features for Diamond and Jewellery websites.

we care & we listen.

Our support team is available between 10 am to 11 pm (IST) and we provide easy options like Chat(Whatsapp and Skype), and Email(for ease of mind), and also phone calls if you prefer so. And, for chat options like Whatsapp and Skype, our support team would create a support group, if the user wants our support on a chat group.

We look after Client Satisfaction.

One of the most important things that matter so much to us, is User Satisfaction. And, for achieving & ensuring so we do the best we can, you can check it out even in our free support form.

We offer the best Prices.

We offer cost-effective prices, it is budget-friendly. Compared to the market, you will find our prices are way more reasonable. And that does not mean we compromise on the quality, you can read more about it in the section given below.

We give unbeatable values

We don’t sell cheap, we sell quality and quality that won’t get compromised with prices. Yeah! our pricing makes difference. And that helps many small businesses and startups to get competitive Diamond and Jewellery online stores. As a result, we help users to create a matured online presence, we help our users in giving reasons why their customers should trust them, we help our users to grow their business, and lastly, we help our users in building their taste of Diamond and Jewellery website.

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