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What the plugin does?

This extension by Sphere Plugins offers an API integration service. For Diamond API integration you must have an account for a particular diamond exchange, but in some cases of free service providers like Glowstar Diamond it’s a little different and we will guide you through the process of getting the approval(s).

Key Points

  • Optimized and Reliable Back-end to manage even 100K+ diamond inventories
  • A long list of APIs we support
  • Integrate as many APIs as you need
  • Just starting out? We have Direct API Providers to help you out
  • Fully customizable
  • FTP/CSV Excel-based Automation


Billed Annually

1 year of updates and support
30-day money back guarantee
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Optimized and Reliable Back-end to manage even 100K+ diamond inventories

One of the key benefits of the Diamond API Integration extension is that it supports multiple Diamond Inventories.
Furthermore, it also can also manage even large diamond inventories and offer a reliable backend.
It is specially designed for diamond/jewellery websites, so it can efficiently manage even 100K diamonds and other items too.
It can help you in cutting server costs by efficiently managing larger diamond inventories.
A strong backend manages to offer a significant hike in the site speed. And, as speed is in the important matrix for any sites to grow to top, remain in popularity, and for higher sales conversion, this is something where we make the difference.

A long list of APIs we support

Rapnet Instant Inventory API
Direct API Providers

    • Glow Star Diamond API
    • JB Diamond API
    • SRK Diamond API

Under development, you can pre-order!

    • GEMFIND Diamond Link API
    • IDEX (International Diamond Exchange API)
    • JewelCloud API
    • MID House of Diamonds API
    • POLYGON Virtual Inventory API
    • VDB (Virtual Diamond Boutique API

Custom CSV from FTP
Sagar Enterprise
➢ Sun Gems
You can also send us a request to have us support missing API

Integrate as many APIs as you need

This extension lets users add natural diamond and lab-grown diamond APIs.
With the Diamond API Integration extension, you can even add multiple APIs for lab-grown or natural diamonds.
You can easily and efficiently add natural or lab-grown diamonds on a single diamond search page and the extension will take care of the rest.
If they are related to your supply chain and business needs they can be effective as well as helps you save costs.

Just starting out? We have Direct API Providers to help you out

If you’re just starting out as a startup, direct API providers could be of great help as they can help you cut down on the initial investment.
We can connect you to direct providers like Glowstar, JB Diamond, SRK Diamond, etc., so you can avoid paying market subscription charges if things work out.
A key benefit of direct API providers is that they provide APIs for free.
Direct API providers are the best if your user requirements can be covered with 2-3 different APIs.
Regarding direct API providers, these companies are from the roots of the diamond city Surat and from all over the world wherever there are such direct API providers exist.
They also have a direct connection to diamond cutting and polishing businesses.

Fully customizable as per your requirements

➢ It is fully customizable and you can use it with other extensions as well, such as Ring Builder, Diamond Feed Page, Independent Diamond Feed, and so on.
➢ You can also use other customizations such as alternate UI widgets, custom UI pop-ups for inquiry buttons, or direct purchase(Add to cart) and then check out from your site.
➢ We tried our best to offer solutions to all kinds of customizations still, if you think there is a scope for improvement, feel free to discuss with us.

FTP/CSV Excel-based Automation

With FTP/CSV Automation you can easily manage diamond inventories in CSV/XLS without importing/exporting them every time.
So, you just need to edit and save changes in CSV/XLS files after that the Diamond API integration extension will take care of the rest.
FTP/CSV excel-based Automation could be a time saver if you’re managing a large number of diamond inventories and need it to update regularly.
This is useful when you are managing inventory in excel or CSV Files which would be the case of diamonds and other inventories where you are getting or preparing inventory items in excel or CSV Format.



➢ Optimized & reliable backend [supports even 100K+ diamonds]

➢ Fully customizable 

➢ Integrate as many APIs as you need

➢ A long list of APIs we support

➢ FTP/CSV excel-based automation



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