Variation Swatches

Free Video & Image Variation Swatches for your WooCommerce Store

Free Variation Swatches for your WooCommerce website is a well-curated tool by Woo Choice Plugin which offers a refined display for your product variations and helps you generate tons of sales.

Let’s create a brand-new experience for your WooCommerce product variations with Woo Choice Plugin’s Variation Swatches.

Overview Of Features We Offer

✔ Free Variation Swatches For WooCommerce 

✔ Image & Video Swatches On Shop/Product/Category Pages

✔ Embed Free Videos On Shop/Category/Product Page

✔ Responsive on different screen sizes & browsers

✔ Easy to use User Interface

✔ Seamless Customizations

✔ Highly Compatible

✔ Suitable To All Browsers

✔ 3 different Swatch types (colour, image, Video Gallery)

✔ No coding is required

✔ Easy to use backend interface

✔ Enable/Disable Swatches for Shop page

✔ Responsive for mobile, tablet device

✔ Shortcode support

✔ Override global swatch settings for each product individually

✔ Control attribute setting globally.

Create Interactive User Experience With Interactive Videos [Chill😎, It’s Free]​

Add Interactive product videos to your item and category page, polish your product display & make your sales go BOOM. That’s the way to go.

Let The Videos Do The Magic For You​

A picture may speak a thousand words, but an Interactive video surely will speak a lot more than that. It may sound a bit poetic, but it has a point. 

Videos drove 11% more conversions. More conversions mean more sales.
Create an impactful WooCommerce product gallery with high-quality videos.
Free Videos on shop/category/product pages. You’ll never find this somewhere else.
Host videos anywhere on the web like on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc., we’ve got you covered.
Embedding Multimedia - Upload MP4 Videos to your WooCommerce Video Gallery.

Want to convert your MP4 Videos into 360-degree videos? Check out our 360-degree video extension here.

Easy To Setup

Do you know how to browse on google? If yes, you can set this up. Yeah, It’s that easy.

Efficiently Developed

Woo Choice Plugin is a well-curated & efficiently developed solution which works with almost all themes & plugins.

Live Chat Support

Resolving your issues is all we care about, and our live chat support ensures that.

Swatches In Shops Or Category Pages? Psst🤫 That’s Free Too.​

Your XYZCommerce may offer variation image or color swatches on the item page for free, but do they offer free swatches on shop/category pages? Don’t worry, we offer that for free as well.

Free Variation Swatches on shop/category pages.
Variation Swatches on the category page mean users can look at available options even from the category page. 
Allows viewing or playing the video on the category page.
A slider with relevant videos and images ensures a seamless shopping experience. 

All the way around, Variation swatches by Woo Choice Plugin does its best to create a personalized & seamless shopping experience for your consumers.

Get To Know The Variation Swatches For WooCommerce

How does it work? How to enable it? How to add colour swatches? Wait. 

First of all, take it easy because it’s no rocket science. With Woo Choice Plugin, it’s a piece of cake. You can pair variable products with amazing colour swatches and build a lucrative product showcase.

✔ Select the type of swatch
✔ Personalize the way you want
✔ Publish your refined product display

Customization? We’ve Got Your Back!

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce come with tons of options, be it tooltip, size, style, shape, and so on. So, customizations, you say it we have it.

✔ Get appealing & attractive product variation color swatches, icon swatches, and button swatches for free.
✔ Customization control to change colours, fonts, font sizes, images, image sizes and so on.
✔ Woo Choice Plugins offer customization appearance and configuration control for easy customization.

It Just Doesn’t Show, It Sells Too.

It may add extra features and polish your product display like never before, but it’s not the primary benefit, maximising your site conversions is. 

✔ Appealing product display increases user acquisition.
✔ Customizations & variations simplify the shopping experience.
✔ Great user acquisition and better shopping experience results in better conversions.

SOLD OUT? Say It With Care.

It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating to find out a product you’ve spent time finding & selecting is not in stock. You should mention it first, and with care. 

✔ Grey it out, put a cross on it, or find something else.
✔ Hide variations automatically which are not available in stock.
✔ There are several other styling options too, explore and select what you find best.

Compatibility Is No Longer A Question

Tested on over 200 different devices & browsers.
Responsive design that efficiently works on different screen sizes and browsers.
Flexible to match different web designs.
Super easy to set up for admin.

Is there anything we can help you with?

We're a creative agency. Ask us anything. Being small we can go into details.

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