What is Product Mapping Preference

Configure Product Mapping  #

(Note: This is an advanced option, you need to modify this tab only if you have an advanced scenario otherwise you can simply leave default here and ring builder and other pair builders will work normally.) 

Now, here as you know, Mapping is involved in connecting Diamond to Setting, and Setting to Diamond based on mapping rules. Mapping rules, which are based on Shape, Carat Sizes, and so on. In this process, WooCommerce is used to search for the product based on mapping rule terms, e.g Mapping categories or attributes that you have used. So, now you know that WooCommerce is used in searching for products for this mapping process.

Now, WooCommerce search for products using OR conditions as default for categories and using AND condition as default for attributes, which means, for example, if you search a jewelry item on jewelry site and you select ring and earring as a category then it will display all the ring and all the earring available under those categories and if you select attributes like the metal color option of yellow and the metal option of gold then it will display items that have both the traits like it will not display if the item is only yellow and metal as platinum or silver.

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