How to Choose the Button Position?

Introduction #

How does it work? #

Buttons tab contains settings for the buttons widget. Buttons widget is a two buttons widget that you may like to place anywhere using shortcode or other placement options available. Buttons widgets contain two buttons for example for the ring builder, it is “Start with Diamond” and “Start with Setting”. 

Go to the tab #

WordPress Admin Left Bar >> Woo Choice Plugin >> General >> Buttons

Button Position #

Choice Button Position #

There are four ways to place Buttons:  #
  • Custom Landing Page
    Woo Choice Plugin provides a built-in custom landing page which you can use as your landing page for pair builders(Ring Builder, Pair Maker, etc.) e.g. for Ring Builder as a “Design Your Own Ring” page. If you choose this option you do not have to do anything else just save this option and buttons will be visible on the landing page which you can link from anywhere you wish to. 
  • Home Page Only
    This option will let you set Buttons on the home page, if you choose this option an additional option will become visible to select the position/area where you want to display buttons on the Home page. This option is recommended if you want to display buttons at any place on the Home page. 

Please refer to the following video for more details:

  • Shortcode Only
    In case you require to display buttons at some specific place on any page, posts, or sidebars then the Shortcode option is best for you, just set shortcode [woo-bundle-choice-btn] and you are good to go. If you do not have technical knowledge of how to use Shortcode, then please refer to this guide on How to Add Shortcode In WordPress. Just for clarification, you can use the shortcode on the home page also. 

Please refer to the following video for more details:

  • Home Page and Shortcode
    If your requirements for both the Home page and Shortcode options above then, simply select this option. And lastly, follow the guidelines of both options above to take advantage of both of them parallelly. 

Make Pair Button #

Make Pair button is an interesting feature for ring builders, pair makers for clothing(be sure to not confuse pair makers with make pair button), etc. If you enable this feature the Make Pair button will appear on the item page even if the user is not on the pair builder process e.g. on the diamond page user would see the “Add To Ring” button. This feature is of course useful in upselling and exciting for users. 

Enabled? : If you enable this field then it will enable the Make Pair Button Feature.

Button Label: Text value in this field will be used to set text for buttons e.g. “Add to Ring” if it’s for a jewelry site. Applicable only if the switch above is enabled. The default text is “Make Pair”.

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