Introduction #

How does it work? #

 Woo Choice Plugin team strives to ensure an error and clutter-free experience. So, for a better experience, Woo Choice Plugin observes and records all the warnings and errors, which are generated within the scope of Woo Choice Plugin code. Note that not all the warnings are impactful to your website.

Woo Choice Plugin just brings your attention towards it, so together we can improve and make Woo Choice Plugin better day by day. Every little warning and error that you send as a report to the Woo Choice Plugin support team will help us to ensure a stable, and reliable Woo Choice Plugin.

System Log for the Plugin #

The following error details will be sent to Woo Choice Plugin’s Support Team

Subject  #

Value in this field will act as the subject of the email that is sent to send this error log.

Error logs & installed plugins etc. details  #

Any value that you see in this field will be sent to the Woo Choice Plugin support team. If you don’t want to send any details then just clear those details from this field.

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