How to Add Sample Data?

Introduction  #

How does it work? #

For all fundamental features of Woo Choice Plugin, there is sample data available, for some features the sample data are not available yet, but they will be available soon in upcoming updates. Sample data will help you very much, it will make your work easier to set up the plugin and get started. Once sample data is added, you can view all the related features on your website’s front-end. Additionally, these sample data & configurations can serve as boilerplate templates to help you get started easily. Lastly, We recommend that you try sample data if you have not yet.

Go to the tab #

WordPress Admin Left Bar >> Woo Choice Plugin >> General >> Sample Data

Add Sample Data #

Click here for automated configuration and setup #

This link action will help you add sample data. When you click on the link, you will be taken to the sample data wizard of Woo Choice Plugin. For most features it’s a 3 step process, it is a simple and easy process. Once again, we highly recommend adding the sample data. And, we hope that this will help you a lot to get started.

Please refer to the following video for more details:

In the Add Sample Data, there will be some steps of adding sample
data for example there will be 3 steps for Ring Builder in particular, but the process will be the same for all Pair Builders like Earring and pendant Builder or even for Pair maker, .etc.

Notice: Here, Pair Builders means features of the building process for the products in complete pair {Learn more}.

Note:- Later on, you can remove this sample data from a particular Woo Commerce module page(like the products, categories, and attributes,.etc). However, we acknowledge that it’s not very user-friendly and we are working on providing you to remove all the sample data at once by clicking simply on the button in Woo Choice Plugin admin panel. Right now this option is not available but we are planning to make it available soon in our upcoming updates.

Setup Status #

Congratulations! It seems that you have completed the setup process. #

In this field if you see a message like “Congratulations! It seems that you have completed the setup process.” then understand that your feature is set up properly and now it’s time to view at the frontend. Under the above message, you will get instructions regarding where you can start reviewing your front end.

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