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We refer to filters in general to the entry filter section of the website page.

Filter Field

We refer to Filter Field when we are talking about any particular filter in the filters section.

For example, Shape filter, Price filter, Cut Filter are 3 different individual examples of Filter field. You can add as many Filter Fields as you want in the Filter section.

Note: Filter field and Filter are two different things.

Pair Builders

The pair maker is a common name that we have given to a different kind of builder that we support like Earring and pendant Builder, Ring builder or even for Clothing Pair maker…Etc

Manage Filters Sets

Users can create different sets for grouping filters. Users can specify any name for the filter set. A filter set is a simple entity created to help users group different filters which they can use later on different pages.

Users can use filter sets on Two Tab settings or the Shortcodes filter. See, Filters=>Configuration=>Advance section for more details.

One example use case of filter set is when you want to create a real diamond tab and lab-grown diamond tab, so what you need to do is create two filter sets, one with real diamond and the second is the lab-grown diamond name then this tab can be created.

Navigation Steps

Navigation Steps( Breadcrumb ) is an important part of any pair builder like Ring Builder, Pair Maker, or Guidance Tool.

What are First Category and Second Category in the Navigation Breadcrumb?

For the pair builder process (ring builder, pair maker. etc), you will be asked to set two main categories in the general pointer navigation tab. These two main categories that you specify here will be treated as root/base categories for filters and mapping modules as well, so fundamentally these two categories would be two main categories of your inventory. 

For example, in the ring builder, one main category would be Diamond and the second main category would be Ring Setting/Mounts. 

And if take an example of Clothing for then Pair Maker, one main category would be Top Wear, and the second main category would be Bottom Wear.

Alternate Widgets

Woo Choice Plugin comes with around 2 to 4 widget alternatives for each of the front end widgets that it renders. Simply change one of the alternate templates available and after saving it, you can review changes instantly on the front end.

So we hope that this can also help websites in finding at least one good fit that matches their theme layout. Alternate widgets simply provide a different kind of UI/UX for any particular feature. When you select any options from the layout then it will immediately apply changes on the front-end.

Common Phrases:

This filter

We refer this filter to a filter on which the developer is presently working.

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