Why Woo Choice Plugin can be a key plugin for your jewellery website?

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If you are working on scaling up your Jewelry business online, this piece of content is for you. At the end of the guide, you’ll be clear enough to create your action plan that will give your jewelry eCommerce website a boost capable enough to outrank and dominate your competitors.

Before you get a pile of thoughts in your head regarding the future of your jewelry eCommerce website. A plugin that can flip the coin for you. Here flipping the coin means getting the majority of the benefits from your jewelry portal. Of Course, you need to work round the clock initially, but later, you can enjoy the process using automation.

In this guide, I’ll talk about Woo Choice plugin and How it can play a vital role in expanding your online jewelry business.

Firstly, let me give you a brief introduction to the Woo Choice plugin.


Woo Choice plugin is a free plugin for Jewelry eCommerce websites powered on WordPress. The free version is bundled with some of the premium and unique features.

But since we are specifically talking about the jewelry eCommerce website, therefore I’ll highlight these two modules

  • Ring Builder
  • Diamond Search Page

Though these Three modules are more than enough for a website to be a part of the competition.

if someday, you feel that your website needs a premium addition, you can go through the list of premium extensions of Woo Choice Plugin.

To make the plugin cost-efficient, our sales team has created packages for most extensions. Thus, you pay only for the features you want to use.


Let me quickly brief you about some of the prime features of Woo Choice Plugin.


Features of Woo Choice Plugin

1. UI & UX

While developing this plugin, our developer’s prime objective was to create a plugin that is easy to manage yet most powerful among its competitors. In terms of features, it turns down all the premium plugins available in the online jewelry business. Besides this, even the back-end is efficient enough to perform complex implementations.

Such as diamond inventory management, and diamond search page building in just a couple of minutes.

Woo Choice Plugin’s UI/UX is designed to provide an industry-grade experience to its users at a very minimal cost. If you plan to take your jewelry business to new heights, then Woo Choice Plugin will give you the perfect direction to proceed.

I am immensely grateful to inform you that dozens of premium widgets are available with Woo Choice Plugin’s free version. You can buy some additional features to make your website’s interface more flawless and smooth if you want.

When you are reading this, then the high chances are that we have already launched two brand new themes for jewelry eCommerce websites. You can refer to the screenshots attached below to have a quick look at the themes.


2. Ring Builder

Ring Builder is something that most jewelry eCommerce website needs. If you have a ring builder on your website, then you have to provide all the options and features to the users straight away. Keeping this thing in mind, our sales team has bundled a Ring builder module even with the free version. In that module, you’ll get everything that you need in an ideal ring builder.

Besides this, in the future, if you plan to add a bangles section to your website. Then using the same extension you can create a separate builder for bangles. This way, you’ll save a few bucks, and you might end up buying an additional extension to improve your Diamond Page with that saving. Click here to check the Demo.

Talking about the back-end, let me tell you that setting up the fields and mapping different diamonds is quite difficult. But simplifying these hectic is of the vital characteristics of Woo Choice Plugin.

3. Diamond Search page

Hundred of features would be useless if Woo Choice Plugin can’t offer an efficient and functional Diamond Search Page. Still, fortunately, our plugin has one of the best Diamond Search Pages in the industry.

If your inventory has hundreds and thousands of diamonds, then you need to show the exact diamond that your visitor is trying to find. You can’t achieve this level of precision without a powerful Diamond Search Page, and our plugin offers you one. You can try it out for free as it is bundled with the free version also but with limited functionality.

Besides this, the Diamond Search Page of Woo Choice Plugin comes with some pre-installed templates. These templates offer a smooth “diamond search” experience to the users. These templates make the diamond search page super attractive and easy to navigate, even if you have dozens of filters on the search page.

Have a look at the snapshots attached below of some templates:

If you are more interested in the filters, check the demos here: Demo 1Demo 2, and Demo 3.

4. Cost Efficiency

One of the prime features of Woo Choice Plugin is its cost. Besides this, costing was also the one reason behind creating this plugin. Most plugins of Jewelry segments cost a fortune and come with limited features.

When it comes to Woo Choice Plugin, even the free version is bundled with dozens of premium and unique features. Unlike other plugins, Woo Choice Plugin doesn’t have default packages with a set of features. Instead, it offers you the liberty to pay for particular features that you need.

Let’s say in the future, you need a specific premium extension for Ring Builder; then, you can pay for the respective extension and add it to your website. This makes Woo Choice Plugin lightning-fast and super affordable.

If you ask for figures, I’ll say, Woo Choice Plugin is 2–3 times more affordable in comparison with other similar plugins. Besides this, in comparison with agency plans, our plans are even 10 times more affordable.

5. Efficient Backend

This section is where the developer team deserves a shoutout. Woo Choice Plugin has the most efficient back-end in comparison to other similar plugins. For the last seven years, i.e, since 2013, the team has been developing back-ends of tools related to the jewelry business.

Our team is familiar with every section of jewelry e-commerce websites. And they know the perfect spot where work needs to be done. Thanks to their years of hard work and experience.

Our Woo Choice Plugin offers a great user experience to the website’s admins. Super complex tasks such as Diamond API integration can be done with modules bundled with the premium extensions in just a few minutes.

From setting up the filters to mapping hundreds of mounts(ring settings) with the respective diamonds could give admins nightmares if the modules aren’t user-friendly. With Woo Choice Plugin’s modules, these complex tasks can be done smoothly, as the modules of Woo Choice Plugin require the least efforts to use.

Managing an inventory of a few thousand of diamonds could be lengthy and might slow down your jewelry website but our developers have arranged all the backend layers so precisely that your website won’t feel the complexity and will run buttery smooth.

Our Back-end is capable enough to handle complex tasks without affecting the performance and efficiency of the websites.

6. Capable Team (Developer)

Millions of websites are powered by WordPress. Errors may pop up on a few websites, maybe due to any random reason, and some website admins might not be able to fix the error. In such situations, our support team is sitting on their desk, fully geared up to handle any such issues 24*7. You have to raise a support ticket regarding the concern, and one of our support executives will get in touch with you as soon as possible (within 24 hours).

Above mentioned features are just 6 out of a long list. Since I can’t talk about every feature, I have picked these 6. If you want to learn more about Woo Choice Plugin, you can refer to the link.

Final Notes

Woo Choice Plugin will be a game-changer for your jewelry eCommerce website. If you are still confused about trying your hands on the plugin, it is suggested to go with the free version and test every bit of it. If you feel that the plugin is effective for your website and worth investing in, you can add the required premium extensions as per your portal.

Besides this, Woo Choice Plugin makes your website capable enough to enhance its online presence. If you are struggling with your website’s design and layout then you can give a chance to our web development team. We offer complete website development and customization services at affordable rates and we ensure that your website leaves a positive impact on your visitor.

Before ending this guide, let me tell you that if there was a point that confused you or bothers you, let me know. We will discuss it further.

At Sphere Plugins, we aim to build solutions for known yet unaddressed problems.

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