Top 10 key factors for a successful jewelry website?

By combining our knowledge of both jewelry photography and websites, we’ll give you a fantastic insight into what makes a good jewelry website. 

Prepare to learn everything you need to know about taking your jewelry website to the next level!

1. Represent In Images

Human minds process 90% of all information visually, which is no surprise. Humans perceive graphics 60,000 times faster than words, according to a study conducted by 3M. 

As a result, it’s a no-brainer that the visuals on your website are up to par if you want your potential customers to get the message you’re sending them.

The color scheme, font system, website layout, navigation, and the hierarchy of global elements displayed throughout each page make up your website’s visual representation. 

It’s critical that all of these design elements have a healthy balance, as this will contribute to a positive user experience.

2. Colour Scheme

As previously stated, initial impressions are crucial! Visitors form first impressions in less than two-tenths of a second, according to a study conducted at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Customers identify and associate with your brand based on the color scheme you use. When they come to your website, it’s the first thing they see

The reason for this is that color schemes load faster than the rest of your website’s pictures.

Color has the ability to convey emotions and set moods. According to a study on the impact of color on marketing, using the right colors can help you connect with your customers or get them to react in a certain way.

3. Speed Of The Pages

When a customer walks into your store, how long does it take you to address them? Even if you’re assisting another customer, you inform them that you’ll be with them shortly. 

You respect their time as much as you hope they respect yours. Your jewelry website needs to be responsive. If you don’t, you’re essentially ignoring your customers. 

If a customer does not feel valued, they will leave. It’s no different on the internet. 

Customers will go to another site if your page does not load within seconds. 

Your goods are well worth the money. Make it simple for them to get there.

4. Images And Product Descriptions Of High Quality

You take great pride in your products. You present it in the greatest possible light in order to demonstrate how light flows through each stone. Each stone was placed to catch light in a specific way. You will sell your item short if you simply take a picture of it. Take high-resolution photos that highlight fine craftsmanship. Spend time writing compelling product descriptions that entice customers to purchase them. They sell their sweetheart’s reaction when she sees the ring, and so on.

Customers will trust you if you can provide them with clear, short product descriptions and high-quality photos. They respect your products and are more likely to purchase more of them.

5. Taking Photographs Of Jewellery

On your website, your jewelry photography is the most valuable digital asset you can have. After all, it’s the finished product you’re selling! And the more photographs you have of your jewelry, the more your potential customers will grasp your artistry and style. There are a few key images that will make your jewelry website shine!

  • Shot in the studio

The studio shot is your main image. Your jewelry should be photographed on a neutral background like white or, less typically, black and grey. Your customer’s attention should be drawn to the jewelry in front of them right away. Check out this blog post for more information on how to use different backgrounds for jewelry.

  • Photographed in a natural setting.

The buyer should be inspired to wear jewelry with specific clothes or for specific occasions after seeing the lifestyle image. It also aids in the creation of a backstory for your jewelry. This photo is usually taken with a model wearing the jewelry.

  • A picture of the scale

When selling jewelry, a scale shot is required so that your customers can see how small or large the piece is. This sets clear expectations for your visitors and establishes product authenticity, improving the possibility of an online purchase.

  • Featured image

Typically, the feature shot is an artistic shot with several elements, such as props and backgrounds. It’s best used on your home page. For this photo, we recommend hiring a professional.

6. 360 Video Features

Online customers can already engage with your jewelry products with their mouse by using 360° product pictures and videos.

They can rotate the photographs to any angle they like, click or drag them in any direction they want, till they’re happy and ready to buy. 

Customers can hold a piece of jewelry in their hands and examine it from every angle.

The easiest way to duplicate this in-store experience on your website is to have a 360-degree video of each piece, which will help your jewelry website stand out from the crowd. Woo choice plugin provides 360/3D interactive video plugin for jewelry and diamond websites.

If you’re one of those jewelers, we’re pleased to inform you that we’ve put together a thorough guide to jewelry photography that you can view on a single page. 

You don’t need to use your browser with numerous tabs any longer!

The only way to earn your customers’ trust online is to be consistent with your messages and pictures. Maintain consistency in your backdrops, angles, and scale. 

To begin with, using the same camera and lighting equipment for your studio images is the best approach to maintain consistency.

7. Provide Content That’s Also Valuable

People that visit your website should be able to interact with it. 

Filling our site with educational and entertaining videos, having a live chat screen, and displaying deals and coupons for first-time users are all excellent methods to communicate. 

However, while all of these methods are excellent, you must remember that pop-ups should not be overwhelming and should not drive your customers away.

8. Responsive To Mobile Devices

Do you know that mobile phones account for 53.4% of all internet traffic? Do you realize that having a mobile-friendly website is a must? 

If your jewelry website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing a lot of customers. They will leave your website and never return.

Whether you’re selling gold jewelry, imitative jewelry, or any other type of jewelry, your website should be simple to use. 

9. Validity And Accuracy Of The Product

In the past, having a gallery of photographs that reflected your product offering was perfectly fine. Visitors would be satisfied with viewing a slideshow of these photographs before deciding whether to visit your business or submit questions through your website. 

This is no longer enough to entice visitors. Great photography, adequate facts to indicate the product’s minimal validity, and the availability of when the thing may be delivered are all required on your product detail pages.

10. Payment Options That Are Safe and Secure

Having secure payment options has a lot of benefits, including the following:

Customers will trust that their personal information and money are safe in the hands of a Secured Gateway.

It facilitates international payments.

It’s convenient because most consumers’ information is saved.



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