How to use the “Drop a Hint” feature plugin for your e-commerce website?

Some well-known international brands use Drop A Hint, a cutting-edge and distinctive conversion software in WordPress/Woocommerce websites.

Drop a hint is wholly integrated with the WordPress / WooCommerce website.

Give your visitors the option to write down their wishes on “Smart Hint Cards” and email them to their chosen recipient.

For any events, your store needs, create branded “HINT CARDS” and messages! You can double your sales by allowing “browsing” visitors to send your product to potential customers.

Unlimited customization choices and one-click installation for smooth integration with your store. Responsive device integration across all platforms.

You get the gift you really want when you “Drop A Hint”. Allow your visitors to convey their best wishes to the one individual who is most likely to buy this item.

How does your store’s “Drop a Hint” extension function?

By using the “Drop a Hint” option, which is adjacent to the “ADD TO CART” button, your customers can send an electronic hint card to a specific individual. 

A nicely designed Hint Card with a live link to the exact product the browsing customer “hinted” is sent to the Hint Receiver through personal email.

Your four custom-designed cards will be available for your visitors to select. In addition, the “Capture Item” hint card option is available in our plugin. 

In essence, these cards will display the precise object being hinted at together with the graphic you designed for your hint card.

The Drop A Hint records and preserves both emails (from the sender and the recipient) in a helpful data spreadsheet. You can have your email fetching lists automatically synced with Drop a Hint.

Having valuable email addresses associated with particular things will help you appropriately target your future marketing efforts based on actual data rather than just educated assumptions.

You can now customize and improve your mail-out marketing and retargeting efforts, as well as provide targeted discounts that will actually increase sales.

Business owners receive real-time notifications about which products in their store are hints. That is a thorough investigation of your “Unknown data.”

It would not have been easy to know what your visitors wanted or liked if you hadn’t used our app, but it will give you a window into their web activity.

“Drop a Hint” is a brilliant feature that enables users to send their loved ones an exquisite email with the finished product attached. Additionally, it serves as a marketing tool for your business.

Some important features:

Target visitors with pertinent content depending on how they have interacted with your brand. For example, to encourage first-time customer sales, send customized communications.

Robust built-in automation and integrations.

You save time and increase conversion as well as the ROI (Return on Investment) through this quick and easy-to-kick-off setup:

  •  You can provide a variety of “subscribe to the newsletter” features.
  • It should include a call-to-action button, such as “Shop Now”.
  • Verify that the email is not going into the spam folder.
  • To find out how many people are utilizing it, ask your developer to embed Google Analytics monitoring code in the “Drop A Hint” form and email.

Installation Instructions

  • Install the Woo Choice plugin through the plugin directory or by downloading it.
  • Go to Drop hint and activate it.
  • Open the Drop a Hint that you now see in your WordPress admin section.
  • To mark your hint cards any way you like, log into your Drop a Hint account. You’ve finished! You can now start selling more.
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