SPHERE PLUGINS Diamond Inspection Feature

What the plugin does?

No one, seriously, no one purchases the real Diamond without inspecting it. When dealing with exclusive & expensive jewelry, an assurance of quality is enough to lead to a purchase.

Expert advice is the best when spending big money. Offer expert consultation with Diamond inspection feature to users, help them make better decisions and increase sales.

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Key Points

  •  What Is A Diamond Inspection Feature? How It Can Change Your Retention Game?
  •  How Does The Diamond Inspection Feature Work?
  •  Why One Must Consider Adding This Feature To Their Diamond/Jewelry Website?


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1 year of updates and support
30-day money back guarantee
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What Is Diamond Inspection Feature? How It Can Change Your Retention Game?

➢ The primary use case of Sphere Plugin’s Diamond Inspector Feature is to help users inspect the diamond, check its characteristics, chat with experts to know more, get assurance over its quality, and ultimately make a better decision.
➢ Apart from the virtual inspection, its expert consultation and personalized user experience make a difference in the success of this feature in the online jewelry shopping world.
➢ The super personalized user experience used to be an advantage to local jewelry shops, but with Sphere Plugin’s Diamond Inspection this will not be the case anymore.
➢ With extra features on your jewelry website and a personalized user experience as before, you can surely change your online user retention game like never before.

How Does The Diamond Inspection Feature Work?

➢ We think you’ve got enough information to know and understand this feature. Still, Sam would like to help you better understand how this extension works. Over to Sam.
➢ Sam is going to propose to his long-term girlfriend and looking for an exclusive and special diamond. To be clear Sam is very particular about his choice, and would never compromise on that. Let’s see, how it goes with Sam.

Scenario 1(Without Diamond Inspector Feature): As said before, Sam is looking for an exclusive diamond for the ring, so he starts looking for it, and eventually finds one, but needs to know more about its characteristics and parameters.
There is no such feature that will let him inspect the jewelry, so he leaves and purchases the diamond & ring from  “NOT YOUR Jewelry STORE” and you lost a consumer.

Scenario 2(With Diamond Inspector Feature): Sam finds a really appealing diamond this time, but as before he needs to inspect it for assurance. He clicks on “Real-time Diamond Inspection”, inspects the diamond, and also finds out about the chat feature.
He takes expert consultation through chat, he is now sure about his purchase. Selects the diamond, and build the ring using ring builder. Congratulations you’ve made a sale.

Why One Must Consider Adding This Feature To Their Diamond/Jewelry Website?

Now, that you know what is this (Diamond)Jewelry Inspection feature and how it works, now let’s understand a few points about why one must consider adding this extension to their site.

➢ As an online business, making sales is not everything. Customer loyalty is something that is far more important, and this extension not just pushes consumers to purchase, but makes them aware, helps them understand the means better, and offers a quality assurance to make the purchase.
➢ We’re living in the 21st century, and every new day comes with new updates and new features, if you don’t stay relevant to the trends, you’ll be lost in the crowd in no time. This extension creates a strong user experience and keeps you relevant to technology trends.
➢ Are you an online retail jewelry store? You can use this extension with other Bundloice Extensions like Diamond Explainer Widget, Compare Similar Diamonds, and 360-Degree Video Extension to maximize your customer retention like never before.
➢ What is more important for an online store than sales? Could there be anything? No, never. So, the ultimate benefit of adding this extension to your wishlist is at it increases customer retention on your site which ultimately maximizes your potential sales.

You know everything now, so why wait? Add this diamond inspection feature to your site and retain users like never before.




This extension is licensed for one domain only which means you can use this extension on only one website no matter if it is under a subdomain or top-level domain.

The free support is for 12 months from the date of purchase.



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