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Woo Custom Filter Widget

Woo Custom Filter Widget


Woo Custom Filter Widget is a free Woocommerce Plugin through which you can create custom filters for your products and provide filters anywhere on any page. It supports ShortCodes, you can put filters anywhere on any page including Shop and Category Page. Also, you can create filters for attributes with a wide variety of widgets.


Woo Custom Filter Widget is a free WooCommerce plugin based on the advanced ajax product filter, for creating the customizable filters on the WooCommerce website. This plugin allows creating the filter anywhere on the Shop page or Category page. It provides the ability to create unique filters for different category pages so that you can create two different kinds of filters on two different category pages. It supports the shortcode filter for creating filters on any part of any webpage with the shortcode. This plugin allows creating an unlimited number of product filters anywhere on any webpage.

This plugin is perfect for you if you want to create a custom variety of alternate widgets with differently styled horizontal filters for the Shop page or Category page. You can create custom filters with various widgets like Sliders, Buttons, Checkboxes, Dropdowns, Icon, Radio Buttons, Switch Buttons, or multi-selects with our AJAX custom product filters as vertical or horizontal styled filters.

With this plugin, you can create filters that filter products by category, attributes, prices, and even customized numeric filters (all these features are free) with any filter types like checkbox, range, check range, radio, and so on. For your filter, you can choose any data source like categories, attributes, manually input,  taxonomies, and so on. You can choose any grid for this filter either horizontal or vertical as we discussed earlier.

Attributes are also important while filtrating the product, With Woo Custom Filter Widget plugin admins can also create a filter for product attributes using custom input types like drop-down, checkbox, range, radio button, multi-selects, and so on. You can customize a filter with any style as well as you can create any number of filters.

Woo Custom Filter Widget is also known to be the best WooCommerce product filter plugin with advanced ajax search features, which makes it a lot easier while searching and filtering for products. This plugin is free with lots of features.

We have optimized the back-end of the plugin and it’s very efficient. So, even for the large inventory, it will work without compromising the speed of websites.


Let’s look at an example, image below shows the example of creating several filters for any product inventories (like as we took an example of Diamond/Jewelry product inventory) by using our plugin. Here, we use custom input types for different diamond parameters based on their Shape, Fluorescence, Table Depth, etc, similarly, Slider is used for the filter range of the Clarity, Colour, Carat, and Price as per the value of the product in between the minimum value to its maximum value.

And similar, to the advanced filter section, to search deeply, more custom filters are used as sliders, and with that number of check-box for the product to filter at the maximum number of specifications to match.

( As we are taking an example of Diamond/Jewelry website then If you are running a website that is related to real/natural diamonds or lab-grown diamond or CVD diamond etc. or even both then this plugin can provide lots of best features for your website. And of course, the above demo snaps can work exactly in a similar way even if your inventory is only of lab grown diamonds or CVD diamonds)


Furthermore to Woo Custom Filter Widget Plugin, if you want to make your website look more professional and premium with advanced filters then you can integrate Dependent Hierarchical Filter extension and Custom Numeric Filter extension (both are premium and not free the rest of the features mentioned in this page are free).


We recommend using Woo Choice Plugin

All the available features in the Woo Custom Filter Widget are already also added to the Woo Choice Plugin and the latest features are updated in Woo Choice Plugin at the earliest. Similarly, development and updates are more frequent for Woo Choice Plugin. So we recommend that you choose to use Woo Choice Plugin and yeah all the features, flows, and extensions mentioned on this page are already supported and working with Woo Choice Plugin.

Benefits of using Woo Choice Plugin

  • Woo Choice Plugin has more advanced filters, features, and customization options than Woo Custom Filter Widget, and to provide the best for our customers, we highly recommend using it instead of Woo Custom Filter Widget plugin. 
  • Woo Choice Plugin supports the page builder like Elementor and Beaver Builder, Etc for a custom design.


  • You can create an unlimited number of normal and ajax custom filters.
  • It supports the Shortcodes.
  • You can create a filter for the Shop page and Category page.
  • You can create different kinds of filters on different category pages.
  • It supports attributes 
  • It supports taxonomies. 
  • You can create different kind of filter widgets as icons, Sliders, Buttons, Checkboxes, Dropdowns, Icon, Radio Buttons, Switch Buttons, or multi-selects.
  • We are constantly trying to keep a minimal dependency on themes, so even if themes are not developed according to WordPress and WooCommerce guidelines, Our Plugin is compatible with them in most cases.

How to get started

To install the “Woo Custom Filter Widget” Plugin follow the instructions on the WordPress page.

“Woo Custom Filter Widget” is an advanced filter plugin and has many features to make websites attractive but here we recommend using “Woo Choice Plugin”.

To install “Woo Choice Plugin” and know more about it, follow its installation and guidelines.


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