What the plugin does?

Sphere Plugin’s Pair Maker is the first and only recommendation tool that helps users make pairs of clothes online. The core purpose of this extension is to help users make better decisions and increase potential sales.

Are you the one who wants to be one of the best Fashion WooCommerce stores? Or want to be the next eCommerce fashion tycoon? If you say yes, you’ve hit the goldmine. Just keep reading to know more.


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What Is a Pair Maker? How Does It Work?

➢ Sphere Plugin’s Pairmaker is a recommendation tool that could exponentially increase user engagement and skyrocket your sales. How? By helping your users match pairs and offering the “make a outfit” feature. Still confused? Don’t worry, we’ve got you right there. Keep reading to know more.
➢ Here is a classic example to help you best understand the use case of this recommendation tool for online clothing stores and how it helps users match pairs.

  • Sam is a Fashion Geek. He is so choosy about his style and color combination for clothes. He follows a simple Mantra; if it’s not matching, don’t get it. He visits your two online clothing stores, one consists of a Pair maker feature and another doesn’t. Here are the two best possible scenarios Sam may encounter.
    Scenario 1 (Without Pairmaker):  Sam is looking for a white Linen shirt & cool jeans that will go with it. Apparently, he finds a really great shirt but faces a tough time finding pairing jeans for that shirt. This results in frustration, and he gives up.
    Scenario 2 (With Pairmaker): Sam is still looking for a white Linen shirt & cool jeans with a pairing/matching color. He gets a shirt, and the pairmaker (outfit generator) recommends bottom wear to make an outfit.

➢ He actually had olive green chinos in mind with the shirt, but the dark blue jeans. Wow, the matching colours, Sam loves it. Adds it to the cart. Checks out. And boom, you’ve not just made a sale, but also retained a user.
➢ This is how the Pairmaker feature recommends matching colours & help users match pairs, pick their outfit, and helps your fashion retail store generate more sales.

Get Pair Maker. Increase User Engagement. Maximize Sales.

➢ If you’re still curious about why should you consider enabling this feature, here’s a simple explanation for your curiousness.
When a user can easily find what they want, you engage them. When they get better recommendations for clothing, you retain them. And, When you improve the overall user experience, you ultimately maximize your potential sales.
The core purpose of this outfit generator tool has never been about just making more sales, but creating a strong user experience, increasing user engagement, and retaining the maximum amount of users.
Enable the Pairmaker feature on your fashion retail store, offer your users what they want and increase user retention like never before.


That’s A Lot About Front End & UX, But What About Back End?

➢ That’s a lot about the front end and user experience, but what about the back end? Here’s all you need to know about the admin panel.
➢ User-friendly front-end and Efficient Back-end.
➢ No hardcore process, no hectic setup, nothing at all. Just connect your top wear & bottom wear categories, and you’re all set.
➢ Tested on over 200 different devices and browsers.
➢ Configurable and customizable search filters to match your site’s look and functionalities.



This extension is licensed for one domain only which means you can use this extension on only one website no matter if it is under a subdomain or top-level domain.

The free support is for 12 months from the date of purchase.


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