Have you heard about a website building process with Psychology?

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Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and many other portals have built their websites and applications considering the psychology of humans and follow some website-building processes.

Now, what does that mean?

The website building process means that the colors of the website, words used in the content of the website, countdown timer of the sale, and many other elements like this are designed in a way that directly hits our minds and commands us to take action.

The Homepage, Product Page, Footer Menu, and sometimes even the checkout page is built the way that it hits our mindset.

the website building process is nothing but our natural behavior or response to anything that we see and feel.



Here is a little infographic you can refer to. This is what IIH Global has been doing for ages. Their strategy to make the best websites is here.

There’s nothing we can also do to avoid taking actions that we naturally take. Because these actions are taken unknowingly. Although we evolve, learn, and change our habits but this is not under control.

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