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Why should you use the pair maker plugin for your clothing websites?

Why should you use the pair maker plugin for your clothing websites?

Why should you use the pair maker plugin feature for your clothing websites?

Let’s see what the pair maker plugin does.

The Pair Maker is a product feature on the market. Additionally, no other plugin on the market gives free access to such a function.

A Pair Maker refers to the pairing of two goods according to their compatibility.

In essence, this tool will automatically provide clients with professional advice about what will look best on any chosen item.

It combines and contrasts various ensembles from the admin-listed products before making the best recommendation. As a result, a product bundle (pair) of clothing is created.

What is Pair Maker for online clothing stores?

The first decision the website user will make is whether to buy a pair of jeans or a shirt/t-shirt he prefers (whatever they wish to start with).

The other member of the duo must then be chosen separately

The other half of the pair will be displayed in such a way that the user will have a clear understanding of whether the chosen products go well together or not.

It helps the user understand better what will look best for the chosen item. The user receives a professional opinion (by the plugin)

The buyer observes that he is making his purchase in a new fashion but still using the traditional method of purchasing from an offline retailer. Utilizing this “make pair maker feature” greatly improves the customer experience.

You might be interested in learning more about and experimenting with the Woo Choice Plugin‘s Pair Maker functionality. 

Like Ring Builder, Pair Maker is the main feature of the Woo Choice plugin, and it is compatible with all WooCommerce websites. 

Here are some examples to help you understand the pair maker plugin.

For example, if you sell clothing online, the buyer will automatically receive advice on bottom wear after selecting top wear. 

In the event that the user becomes perplexed, they will be directed by mixing and matching different options, and a pair of clothes will usually be created.

On the official WordPress website, you can download this pair maker plugin. With this addition, offering comparable products in a bulk container using the pair maker plugin strategy is simple. 

Additionally, it allows you to make available as many or as few items in the pair maker plugin assortment box and supports simple and product variations.

Customers customize these items by choosing a number for each item in the selection. The pair maker plugin is therefore perfect for making items like the perfect pair.

How does the pair maker plugins work?

When making online clothes and accessory orders, users can use the fun function called Pair Maker to create pairs.

Choose top outfit

Choose your favourite top and get set to browse the extensive selection of bottom garments.

Select “Make a Pair”

After choosing your top, go to the “Make a Pair” page and experiment with matching bottom garments.

Enjoy Pair

Enjoy Pair Choose, buy, and enjoy the pair.

Woo Choice Plugin: Your One-Stop Online Clothing Website Solution

These factors are enough to show that the Pair Maker feature of the Woo Choice Plugin is essential for any online clothes store.

  • Provides a creative solution for your fashion clothes website with a user-friendly front-end and a successful back-end.
  • Admin setup is simple.
  • Responsive design, which effectively operates on many browsers and screen sizes.
  • Tested on more than 200 different hardware and browser combinations.
  • Search filters that may be customized to match the appearance and features of your website.
  • Flexible to match various web designs.


Therefore, if the user becomes confused by chance, the plugin directs them by offering several options from the product catalog that is accessible on your site. Thus, a pair of accessories is made for the consumer.

Although it is expected that users are informed about color matching, this feature is particularly helpful because it can help them choose the right pattern and style of bottom wear, or likewise.

It is good to give this function a try once. It is indirectly given to promote the standard marketing ways to sell more. 

You can also make use of the pair maker option if you have any items that you believe can be sold in pairs, such as clothing, home goods, or anything else.

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