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Free Video and Image variation swatches for your WooCommerce store

Free Video and Image Variation Swatches for your WooCommerce Store

Free Variation Swatches for your WooCommerce website is a well-curated tool by Woo Choice Plugin which offers a refined display for your product variations and helps you generate tons of sales.

Let’s create a brand-new experience for your WooCommerce product variations with Woo Choice Plugin’s Variation Swatches.


✔ Free Variation Swatches For WooCommerce

✔ Image & Video Swatches On Shop/Product/Category Pages

✔ Embed Free Videos On Shop/Category/Product Page

✔ Responsive on different screen sizes & browsers

✔ Easy to use User Interface

✔ Seamless Customizations

✔ Highly Compatible

✔ Suitable To All Browsers

3 different Swatch types (colour, image, Video Gallery)

No coding required

Easy to use backend interface

Enable/Disable Swatches for Shop page

Responsive for mobile, tablet device

Shortcode support

✔ Override global swatch settings for each product individually

✔ Control attribute setting globally.

Create Interactive User Experience With Interactive Videos [Chill😎, It’s Free]

Add Interactive product videos to your item and category page, polish your product display & make your sales go BOOM. That’s the way to go.

Let The Videos Do The Magic For You

A picture may speak a thousand words, but an Interactive video surely will speak a lot more than that. It may sound a bit poetic, but it has a point. 

  • Videos drove 11% more conversions. More conversions mean more sales.
  • Create an impactful WooCommerce product gallery with high-quality videos.
  • Free Videos on shop/category/product pages. You’ll never find this somewhere else.
  • Host videos anywhere on the web like on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc., we’ve got you covered.
  • Embedding Multimedia – Upload MP4 Videos to your WooCommerce Video Gallery.

Want to convert your MP4 Videos into 360-degree videos? Check out our 360-degree video extension here.

Easy To Setup

Do you know how to browse on google? If yes, you can set this up. Yeah, It’s that easy.

Efficiently Developed

Woo Choice Plugin is a well-curated & efficiently developed solution which works with almost all themes & plugins.

Live Chat Support

Resolving your issues is all we care about, and our live chat support ensures that.

Swatches In Shops Or Category Pages? Psst🤫 That’s Free Too.

Your XYZCommerce may offer variation image or color swatches on the item page for free, but do they offer free swatches on shop/category pages? Don’t worry, we offer that for free as well.

  • Free Variation Swatches on shop/category pages.
  • Variation Swatches on the category page mean users can look at available options even from the category page. 
  • Allows viewing or playing the video on the category page.
  • A slider with relevant videos and images ensures a seamless shopping experience. 

All the way around, Variation swatches by Woo Choice Plugin does its best to create a personalized & seamless shopping experience for your consumers.

Get To Know The Variation Swatches For WooCommerce

How does it work? How to enable it? How to add color swatches? Wait. 

First of all, take it easy because it’s no rocket science. With Woo Choice Plugin, it’s a piece of cake. You can pair variable products with amazing color swatches and build a lucrative product showcase.

  • Select the type of swatch
  • Personalize the way you want
  • Publish your refined product display

Customisation? We’ve Got Your Back!

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce come with tons of options, be it tooltip, size, style, shape, and so on. So, customizations, you say it we have it.

  • Get appealing & attractive product variation color swatches, icon swatches, and button swatches for free.
  • Customization control to change colours, fonts, font sizes, images, image sizes and so on.
  • Woo Choice Plugins offer customization appearance and configuration control for easy customization.

It Just Doesn’t Show, It Sells Too.

It may add extra features and polish your product display like never before, but it’s not the primary benefit, maximising your site conversions is. 

  • Appealing product display increases user acquisition.
  • Customizations & variations simplify the shopping experience.
  • Great user acquisition and better shopping experience results in better conversions.

SOLD OUT? Say It With Care.

It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating to find out a product you’ve spent time finding & selecting is not in stock. You should mention it first, and with care. 

  • Grey it out, put a cross on it, or find something else.
  • Hide variations automatically which are not available in stock.
  • There are several other styling options too, explore and select what you find best.

Compatibility Is No Longer A Question

  • Tested on over 200 different devices & browsers.
  • Responsive design that efficiently works on different screen sizes and browsers.
  • Flexible to match different web designs.
  • Super easy to set up for admin. 

Top 10 key factors for a successful jewelry website?

By combining our knowledge of both jewelry photography and websites, we’ll give you a fantastic insight into what makes a good jewelry website. 

Prepare to learn everything you need to know about taking your jewelry website to the next level!

1. Represent In Images

Human minds process 90% of all information visually, which is no surprise. Humans perceive graphics 60,000 times faster than words, according to a study conducted by 3M. 

As a result, it’s a no-brainer that the visuals on your website are up to par if you want your potential customers to get the message you’re sending them.

The color scheme, font system, website layout, navigation, and the hierarchy of global elements displayed throughout each page make up your website’s visual representation. 

It’s critical that all of these design elements have a healthy balance, as this will contribute to a positive user experience.

2. Colour Scheme

As previously stated, initial impressions are crucial! Visitors form first impressions in less than two-tenths of a second, according to a study conducted at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Customers identify and associate with your brand based on the color scheme you use. When they come to your website, it’s the first thing they see. 

The reason for this is that color schemes load faster than the rest of your website’s pictures.

Color has the ability to convey emotions and set moods. According to a study on the impact of color on marketing, using the right colors can help you connect with your customers or get them to react in a certain way.

3. Speed Of The Pages

When a customer walks into your store, how long does it take you to address them? Even if you’re assisting another customer, you inform them that you’ll be with them shortly. 

You respect their time as much as you hope they respect yours. Your jewelry website needs to be responsive. If you don’t, you’re essentially ignoring your customers. 

If a customer does not feel valued, they will leave. It’s no different on the internet. 

Customers will go to another site if your page does not load within seconds. 

Your goods are well worth the money. Make it simple for them to get there.

4. Images And Product Descriptions Of High Quality

You take great pride in your products. You present it in the greatest possible light in order to demonstrate how light flows through each stone. Each stone was placed to catch light in a specific way. You will sell your item short if you simply take a picture of it. Take high-resolution photos that highlight fine craftsmanship. Spend time writing compelling product descriptions that entice customers to purchase them. They sell their sweetheart’s reaction when she sees the ring, and so on.

Customers will trust you if you can provide them with clear, short product descriptions and high-quality photos. They respect your products and are more likely to purchase more of them.

5. Taking Photographs Of Jewellery

On your website, your jewelry photography is the most valuable digital asset you can have. After all, it’s the finished product you’re selling! And the more photographs you have of your jewelry, the more your potential customers will grasp your artistry and style. There are a few key images that will make your jewelry website shine!

  • Shot in the studio

The studio shot is your main image. Your jewelry should be photographed on a neutral background like white or, less typically, black and grey. Your customer’s attention should be drawn to the jewelry in front of them right away. Check out this blog post for more information on how to use different backgrounds for jewelry.

  • Photographed in a natural setting.

The buyer should be inspired to wear jewelry with specific clothes or for specific occasions after seeing the lifestyle image. It also aids in the creation of a backstory for your jewelry. This photo is usually taken with a model wearing the jewelry.

  • A picture of the scale

When selling jewelry, a scale shot is required so that your customers can see how small or large the piece is. This sets clear expectations for your visitors and establishes product authenticity, improving the possibility of an online purchase.

  • Featured image

Typically, the feature shot is an artistic shot with several elements, such as props and backgrounds. It’s best used on your home page. For this photo, we recommend hiring a professional.

6. 360 Video Features

Online customers can already engage with your jewelry products with their mouse by using 360° product pictures and videos.

They can rotate the photographs to any angle they like, click or drag them in any direction they want, till they’re happy and ready to buy. 

Customers can hold a piece of jewelry in their hands and examine it from every angle.

The easiest way to duplicate this in-store experience on your website is to have a 360-degree video of each piece, which will help your jewelry website stand out from the crowd. Woo choice plugin provides 360/3D interactive video plugin for jewelry and diamond websites.

If you’re one of those jewelers, we’re pleased to inform you that we’ve put together a thorough guide to jewelry photography that you can view on a single page. 

You don’t need to use your browser with numerous tabs any longer!

The only way to earn your customers’ trust online is to be consistent with your messages and pictures. Maintain consistency in your backdrops, angles, and scale. 

To begin with, using the same camera and lighting equipment for your studio images is the best approach to maintain consistency.

7. Provide Content That’s Also Valuable.

People that visit your website should be able to interact with it. 

Filling our site with educational and entertaining videos, having a live chat screen, and displaying deals and coupons for first-time users are all excellent methods to communicate. 

However, while all of these methods are excellent, you must remember that pop-ups should not be overwhelming and should not drive your customers away.

8. Responsive To Mobile Devices

Do you know that mobile phones account for 53.4% of all internet traffic? Do you realize that having a mobile-friendly website is a must? 

If your jewelry website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing a lot of customers. They will leave your website and never return.

Whether you’re selling gold jewelry, imitative jewelry, or any other type of jewelry, your website should be simple to use. 

9. Validity And Accuracy Of The Product

In the past, having a gallery of photographs that reflected your product offering was perfectly fine. Visitors would be satisfied with viewing a slideshow of these photographs before deciding whether to visit your business or submit questions through your website. 

This is no longer enough to entice visitors. Great photography, adequate facts to indicate the product’s minimal validity, and the availability of when the thing may be delivered are all required on your product detail pages.

10. Payment Options That Are Safe and Secure

Having secure payment options has a lot of benefits, including the following:

Customers will trust that their personal information and money are safe in the hands of a Secured Gateway.

It facilitates international payments.

It’s convenient because most consumers’ information is saved.

9 Best WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter Plugins To Use In 2022

Ajax product filter is a type of WooCommerce product filter often used to filter products while searching for relevant products by different attributes such as Price, Colour, Shape, Size, etc. Ajax product filter goes the extra mile by providing relevant products with real-time filtration even without reloading the page.

There are many paid and free WooCommerce ajax product filter plugins available for online business owners.

But, I’ve listed the 9 best WordPress/WooCommerce ajax product filter plugins to help you choose the best suitable one for your e-commerce website.

Note: Plugins mentioned below are in no particular order.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product FIlter

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter is one of the popular ajax product filter plugins. It’s one of the most robust and powerful WooCommerce product addons. And user can also filter products by Category, Price, Size, Color, and so on by using the YITH addon.

In the free version, the product filter widgets support List, Dropdown, Color, and Label. They also provide a “Reset to all the applied filters” feature, and the reset button is also compatible with YITH WooCommerce Wishlist.

You can also create unlimited filters with lots of customization. Furthermore, you can place these filters on different products, shops, and category pages by using the YITH WooCommerce/WordPress search filter plugin.

YITH has both free and premium versions of their WooCommerce/WordPress search filter plugins, so there are limited features available with the free version.

Furthermore, you can make your website fully featured and functional by using the premium version.

Price:- $ 89.99/ year

Pros :

  1. Comes with live ajax search features.
  2. Support shortcodes. 
  3. There are many customization options available for search forms. 
  4. Comes with social media integration.
  5. Search results can be highlighted for certain products with badges or prices.

Cons :

  1. This plugin supports all themes, but the performance is not good with all of them.
  2. Advertisements in the admin dashboard.

Woo Choice Plugin is an Advanced WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter Plugin. This add-on offers a user-friendly interface with advanced and customizable features. WooChoice offers advanced and customizable UI/UX, so it’s highly recommended for users who’re looking for an advanced UI/UX customization filter.

It’s also compatible with Elementor. WooChoice Plugin is growing to perfection with the Diamond and Jewelry Industry still, it’s fully customizable and usable with many other categories(e.g. Clothing). So, you can use this ajax category filter WordPress plugin for any product inventory.

You can create unlimited filters for any different product pages, shop, or category page by using this WordPress ajax filter plugin. Woo Choice search filter plugin covers almost all the widgets for achieving any kind of layout style requirements.

For example  Slider, Buttons, Checkbox, Icons, Icons with text, and many more. So, you can create a filter with all these widgets with any type of combination and appearance setting.

Woo Choice Plugin covers almost all the filters which are mostly required for any site. This WooCommerce product addon offers advanced horizontal filters for free which is premium if considered filter-wise.

There is no other WooCommerce/WordPress search filter plugin that could offer this feature for free as other plugins are not evolved with Diamond and Jewellery industry filters.

Here is the fact to prove that Diamond and Jewellery has one of the best horizontal filters in the eCommerce industry.

It’s not that Woo Choice Plugin doesn’t have premium features. Apart from Woo Choice Plugin free feature, there are premium extensions, like Dependent Hierarchical Filters($32.00) and Custom Attribute Filters($39.00)

You can create Parent-Child filters with the help of Dependent Hierarchical Filters, and various filters like Delivery Date with Custom Attribute Filters. Visit here to know more about these premium extensions.

And we developed them to fulfill specific requirements like Diamond API Integrated- WooCommerce extension($150), this extension provides support and helps to integrate Diamond and Jewellery Inventory from a host. It’s also useful to manage inventory from 10K to over 100K with XLS or CSV files via FTP. 

To read more about Woo Choice Plugin features visit here.

Price:- Free and Paid

Pros : 

  1. Availability of all the necessary features for free.
  2. Comes with Live ajax search features.
  3. Powerful backend.
  4. Elementor supported.
  5. Elegant UI/UX.
  6. Comes with a perfect user experience.

Cons :

  1. Without Woo Choice Plugin, premium extensions will not work
  2. Not all features are free
Advanced Ajax product filters

Advanced Ajax Product Filter is also among the top advanced WooCommerce ajax product filter plugins for e-commerce websites. This WooCommerce product addon offers drag and drops features with many advanced and customizable features.

You can create filters for your product by Category, Attributes, Custom Taxonomies, Price, and Tags. It provides different filter types like checkboxes, dropdown menu, radio buttons, range slider, tag cloud for tags, checkboxes with color or image.

You can also customize widgets. It also allows placing unlimited numbers of Filter options. It offers Ajax Filters, pagination, and sorting. They also have more features with free and premium versions.

Price:- $44 for a Single Site

Pros :

  1. Set up product filters on your WooCommerce store with filters by categories, tags, attributes, price, and even custom taxonomies.
  2. Different field types such as checkbox, radio buttons, dropdown, range slider, etc.
  3. Multiple layout options including slider color and image.
  4. Smooth page loading.

Cons :

  1. The Premium version is a little expensive.
Themify WooCommerce Product Filter

Themify is a powerful and effective WooCommerce ajax products filter plugin. This WordPress ajax filter plugin allows users to filter products by categories, attributes, price, tags, and so on. Every feature in this WordPress search filter plugin is available for free.

However, this WordPress search filter plugin is designed with features to help make your website better. And, that includes features like live search results, drag and drop form builder, multiple filter combinations, and so on.

Moreover, Drag and drop builder helps easily create new filters and apply them instantly without reloading the page. Additionally, you can add an Apply Filters button. And these filters are available in both horizontal and vertical layouts.

Themify WooCommerce ajax product filter plugin provides a lot of customization to create a filter for free.

Pros :

  1. Easy and quick to create Filters.
  2. User-friendly Interfaces.
  3. Comes with a Drag-drop form builder.

Cons :

  1. Limited features
Ultimate WooCommerce Ajax product FIlter

Ultimate WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter plugin is easy to set up and simple. You can easily set it up with simple WooCommerce filter widgets and shortcodes.

It also filters products by color, size, attributes, category, and tag including smart product search and smart table format/view.

Also, it provides filter products by Color, Size, attributes, category, and tag including a smart product search and smart table format/view.

So, the WooCommerce product add-on comes with both free and premium features. Whereas, in the premium features, they offer many advanced features like Display filter attributes under shop page thumbnails (e.g. adjacent to the rating stars), Visual indication with details for each product without visiting the product page. Specific layout options for filters (color, size, attributes, categories, and tags). The additional feature of price slider and attributes in the table format. Customize the filtering functionality and labeling options.

Price:- $39 for single-site, $119 for 5 sites, and $199 for 10 sites.

Pros :

  1. Simple to use.
  2. Easy and quick to create Filters.
  3. Comes with live ajax search features.

Cons :

  1. High premium rates.
Search & Filter

Search & Filter is a simple filter plugin. And, it provides features to create general filters for your website.

This plugin is used to create product filters by Category, Tag, Custom Taxonomies, Post Type, Post Date, and combine search also. Also, it provides input types for filters as dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, and multi-selects. In the free version, they provide only basic features. And in the premium version, they provide many features and where you can customize your websites with many other features.

It can work without installing WooCommerce, but it’s more compatible with WooCommerce.

Price:- $20 for single-site and $75 for Developer

Pros :

  1. The free version offers a simple, quick filtering solution.
  2. A new user who wants simple filters can be used easily.

Cons :

  1. A limited number of features in the free versions.
  2. Many features are available in the premium versions.
  3. Advanced features like AJAX, multiple forms, the drag-and-drop, and others, will come in the pro version.
WOOF products filter

WOOF Ajax Category Filter WordPress Plugin is one of the best WordPress search filter plugins available. And, it also comes in the list of Advanced Ajax Category filter plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce.

It provides product filters by category, custom taxonomies, attributes, price, and tags, and even with shortcodes. Furthermore, this addon provides filter input types like Drop-Down menu, Radio Buttons, Radio buttons in the drop-down, drop-down, multiple drop-down, and checkbox. The exciting part is all these features are free to use.

In their premium version, they also provide inputs as color, image, label, hierarchy drop-down, attributes/taxonomy range-slider, and checkbox buttons in the drop-down, and many more. So with all these features, you can make your sites fully accessible while searching and filtering products.

This feature provides a smooth user experience, and this is how this plugin made it to our list of best WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter Plugins.

Price:- Regular license $39 and Extended license $139.

Pros :

  1. Products shortcode
  2. Comes with Live ajax search features
  3. Step by step products filter
  4. Dynamic products recount

Cons :

  1. Many Advanced Features are available in the premium version.
  2. The issue with supporting other plugins.
WooBeWoo Ajax product filter plugin

WooBeWoo is an advanced WooCommerce ajax product filter Plugin. It comes with easy setup, customization, and is also compatible with Elemontor.

It provides Filters by price, price range, categories, tags, and more. Also, their plugin is already integrated with WooCommerce options and uses the product’s taxonomy elements( e.g attributes and categories). For filtration, the plugin uses data from WooCommerce products tab settings. And, to set up nothing specifically, it is available there. They provide many features in the free version but they also have a premium version.

It provides Filters by price, price range, categories, tags, and more. Their plugin is already integrated with WooCommerce options and uses the product’s taxonomy elements( e.g attributes and categories). For filtration, the plugin uses data from WooCommerce products tab settings. And, to set up nothing specifically, it is available there.

There are many features that come with a free version, and you can always upgrade to premium to get more features.

Pro Price:- One Site – $49, Five Sites – $99, Unlimited Sites – $199

Pros :

  1. Easy to set up and customize.
  2. Product table with variations.
  3. Filter category, tags, attributes, price, and custom taxonomy.
  4. Compatible with Elementor.

Cons :

  1. Many advanced features are available in the premium version.
JetSmartFilters Ajax filter

JetSmartFilters is an ajax category filter WordPress plugin that is easy to set up and use but it’s not free. It also comes with Elementor compatibility. There are many types of filter widgets available like CheckBoxes, Select, Range, Check Range, Date Range, Radio, Search, Rating, and many more. All search filter widgets have extensive style and easy-to-use.

Note that you will also need JetEngine or JetWooBuilder plugins to use JetSmartFilters.

Note that you will also need JetEngine or JetWooBuilder plugins to use JetSmartFilters.

Price:- $24 per year for a single site,  All-inclusive set from $130

Pros : 

  1. Easy-to-use
  2. Easy Customizable
  3. Supports Elementor

Cons :

  1. Poorly configured settings
  2. Tricky Visual filter

Visit the link for some of the best filters plugins for the WordPress and WooCommerce website