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Get Started for free with the necessary features for your Jewellery and Diamond website.

Woo Choice Plugin helps you in creating a Jewellery and Diamond website with advanced and customizable features. It provides features that are necessary to run your business while you just have started. Add an advanced, smooth, and efficient Diamond Search Page (Loose Diamond Page), or simply add the Ring Builder on your Jewellery and/or Diamond Website(at no cost).

Give your website a Professional look
with Premium features

Get a perfect combination of Woo Choice Plugin and its extensions to give your website a Professional look. Not just Professional look but with look add also extraordinary features and give a perfect user-experience.

Feeling that Matters

Yes! User Satisfaction, that matters most to us. Either we design theme or develop plugin or build the best website, we offer all those things at its best. And all those things are part of quality that every users seek for their website.

What we strive for, is User Satisfaction! Thus, we provide extraordinary support to our Users.

Benefits Of Woo Choice Plugin

As per the Sphere Plugins vision, one of its plugins(Woo Choice Plugin) is efficiently solving problems for Jewellery & Diamond Industry.

And, one of the proofs of that is our efficient backend and if I say more than elegant, smooth, and perfect user experience with our UI/UX.


Dedicated teams

We are Knowledgeable and Experienced with the complexity of the Diamond Jewelry inventory for years.

We learn for you and learn from you. So, you can get better services.


Focus on innovation

Sphere Plugins Team, working continuously on the development to add new features for your Jewelry and Diamond website.

So you will get all cutting edge and latest innovations in Jewelry and Diamond Industry.


Pricing vs Features

As per the Market Price Standards, building rich features for Jewelry and Diamond website will get expensive. Whereas, we are offering similar rich features at best and fair prices to our users.

And most importantly note that we provide excellent quality at fair prices which you can verify yourself.


Our Support

Our support team is available between 10 am to 11 pm (IST), talk with us,

we provide easy options like Chat(Whatsapp), Phone calls, and Email.

Look Premium with Premium Extensions on your ITEM page

We offer the features that you want.

Features that make the Item page more attractive are: View with different shapes, metal colours, and 360 and View with real carat size.

Feature, which is just not only for the Item page but also for your category page: 360/3d interactive videos extensions, Color images on the category & item page.

One of the most popular extensions among our users

Diamond API Integration – WooCommerce

We packed multiple features in this single extension. So, you can enjoy an efficient and seamless backend after integrating Diamond APIs.

No matter if your API coming from Real-time based layer, FTP based layer, and so on. It supports Real-time or time scheduler based product updates, manage products with XLS or CSV files via FTP, and supports Large Inventory (more than 10k and 100k products). List of API we support (Rapnet, VDB and many more).

Extension that explain everything to your user

Explainer Widget extension helps to create informational things on websites related to Diamond Jewelry. This extension helps in presenting diamond properties in an easily understandable way by presenting them with visual elements, which is really important for user experience and conversion, especially because Diamond properties are complex to understand for normal users.

Give a Prefect Ring Sizer and Retain Users

Find My Ring size

It is quite challenging to retain user when they are ready to purchase but blocked with the missing ring size information.

We provide feature with different options that makes it really easier and convenient for user to at least find ring size by using one of the options: Measure My Finger(with string Find your Ring Size), Online Ring Sizer(Use a Card, any Object or Use a Ruler), Request A Free Ring Sizer, and Ring Size Converter(Different Standard Unit).

Adjust Skin Tone for virtually visualize Jewellery and Diamond pieces

Darker/lighter extension allows any user to adjust skin tone on the ring finger. This Feature is available for Both Jewellery and Diamond items.

And on mobile by just clicking a photo of the back of the hand, actually see how ring looks like on your real hand.

Get Pair Builder Process for other Jewelry Items too

Earring and Pendant extension

Get Pair Builder Process for all kinds of Jewelry Items on your web pages. Even, create Builder for Bangles, Bracelets, including gemstone Rings and so on with advanced and customizable features.

Why Sphere Plugins?


We figured that there are some problems, unaddressed.


Like most of us, we have been driven by passion.

Profound Solutions

Problems can be solved gracefully using promising architectures.


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